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Bed & Breakfast in Dunfield, Newfoundland

About Rolling Hills Bed & Breakfast

Welcome to our hospitality website offering you two great vacationing options in the Trinity Region.

Rolling Hills Bed & Breakfast in Picturesque Dunfield & Aunt Hattie's Vacation Home in New Bonaventure, Trinity Bay.

Rolling Hills Bed & Breakfast a newly restored fourth generation home surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of Dunfield, Trinity Bay, NL. Just 5 km from historic Trinity.

In Dunfield,Trinity Bay nineteen hundred and three, William James and Mary Jane Clarke decided you see to build them a house for a family to raise and in it they lived for many a day.

Four bedrooms upstairs and stain glass galore. The Clarke's were quite proud three sons to be sure. The years flew by the boys moved away, but Edgar the youngest decided to stay.

He married and lived in the house for awhile. Then during the sixty's bought a house more in style. The house was then passed on to the grandson who came there to fish each summer for fun.

In 1996 Ed Beckett retired and this old house for years he admired. He called up Marg to see what she thought and in a couple of weeks he had the house bought.

A bed and breakfast it was going to be lots of money to spend it was plain to see they fixed it up between the jiggs and reels and today its called the rolling hills.

Queen beds in each bedroom with ensuites included the dining room has four tables too, cheese strata, fruit salad, waffles and muffins laundry facilities and a baroque.

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